Nigerian Army University, BIU

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008
  • Customer :NAUB
  • Category :BIM-Based Project Management Consultancy
  • Date :January 2018
  • Status :Completed
  • Tags :BIM, Project Management, Consultancy

Project Description

The Implementation team of NAUB, in her quest to ensure quality and efficient construction and management of the University facilities, employed a BIM project manager/M&E Consultant Thinklab Design and Construction Firm and requires a development of a detailed BIM Project Execution Plan for successful implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) on the University projects.

The BIM Project Execution Plan defines uses for BIM on the project (Example: design authoring, cost estimating, and design coordination), along with a detailed design of the process for executing BIM throughout the project lifecycle. The Project Execution Plan will provide for the establishment of protocols for the development, use, transmission, and exchange of digital data, defining expectations of Level of Development for Model Elements at various milestones of the project..

What we did

In each case of the project type, Thinklab team provided the whole team with the following deliverables.
  • BIM-Based Quality Assurance and Control Document based on the United Nation Project Office Standard.
  • BIM Execution Plan (BEP) unique for each type of work involved.
  • BIM-Based Monitoring and evaluation (BIM 360) tool by Autodesk that could enable all the stakeholders to seamlessly communicate, collaborate, manage and decide on all the project information during the lifecycle of the project.
  • Upskilling/training all the stakeholders in the implementation of the BIM-based Project management.
  • Providing continuous progress report on the project for all the relevant stakeholders as and when due.

Final Results

Our proposal for the deployment of BIM-based Project Management involves a consultancy of providing Quality Control, Monitoring and Evaluation tool services to the entire life-cycle of the NAUB Projects through five phases in the project:

  • Planning phase monitoring and evaluation
  • Design phase Monitoring and evaluation
  • Procurement phase Monitoring and evaluation
  • Post-completion phase Monitoring and evaluation
  • Construction phase Monitoring and evaluation