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Thinklab provides reliable, innovative and efficient solutions for the construction of buildings, industries, civil structures, roads and infrastructure.
With the right processes, policies and technology in place, the entire Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector gets effective and efficient. Thinklab is at the front-line of superior innovative deployments spanning the entire sector. As part of the Thinklab International Group, Thinklab’s values reflect a high emphasis on the delivery of superior quality services to the full satisfaction of clients. Thinklab values reflect a high emphasis on the delivery of superior quality services to the full satisfaction of clients. The company is located in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city, and its workforce of architects, engineers, technical specialists and support staff provides a wide range of services to clients in both the private and public sectors.

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We leverage Building Information Modeling to ensure accurate information at all time - A Single Source of Truth.

Our Approach

The Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector is very diverse and multifaceted. There are many practitioners with diverse needs and unique goals. This informs our approach to business.

For every customer, we begin by identifying their unique needs. Our rigorous needs analysis process and client-discovery inform the service we give to each customer. The moment we translate the customer needs into goals, the respective team begin to engineer the best innovative solution, with painstaking attention to detail.

Through the entire delivery process, we ensure to carry the customer along, as that constantly informs the direction of our solutions. In essence, we are a committed partner to our customers.

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Arc. Sa'id Kori | B.arch, M.sc, Ph.d
The construction industry globally, is ripe for innovation - more especially in African space. In comparison to the other sectors, a major cause of the slow pace in improvement is lack of effective policies, efficient processes and the right technology. The AEC sector is a major contributor of growth in any economy, and Thinklab is poised to make a positive change in the sector through our services and projects.

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